UAS Medium-small Nitrogen Generator

  • Purity range 97% – 99.999%
  • Flow rate from 0.7 – 74 m3/hr

Reference industry: edible oil tank stability, nitrogen packaging, chemical laboratory, plastic injection, SMT.

  • Pure Quality

    Food-grade filter equip-able

  • Link with your machine

    Food-grade regulator equip-able

  • Low-Purity Exhausting

    only store the N2 purity you need

  • Too small the flow is, too expensive the cylinders are, and too much space is occupied?

Our nitrogen generators with a high-resolution touch screen interface controller, are always master the flow and purity of nitrogen. Time to replace the bulky with the lightweight one!

  • High standard for food gas?

Be equipped with special filters right for the food industry. No more worries about the quality of the inflation, save your attention and invest it in the business performance!

  • Already have old packaging equipment, afraid of spending too much on improving the quality of products?

UAS have a step forward for you! The specially developed outlet regulator is now available. No need to re-purchase a new package machine to fit the nitrogen generator!

  • Use a pneumatic valve by solenoid valve control – long operating life, and low failure rate
  • Equipped with Low Purity Exhausting Systems – strictly controlling and leaving only the nitrogen quality you’ve come to expect.