UAS Nitrogen Purify System

  • Purity guaranteed up to 99.9995%
  • Maximum flow rate can be above 400m3/hr

Referral industry: semiconductor, photovoltaic, solar and laser cutting.

  • Overload system

    Solution to instantaneous large flow

  • Linkage Controller

    One screen, one focus

  • Low-Consuming System

    Reduce consumption by 90% of raw materials*

  • Flexible flow – equipped with the latest overload systems, suitable for instantaneous large-flow customers.
  • Linkage control – while with UAS nitrogen generator, operate the whole system on only one screen
  • Low consumption system – only 1% of nitrogen consumed during the purification process.
  • Low power consumption – saving up to 90% power than the traditional one.
  • Optional hydrogen generator – only needs to add mineral water as raw materials. Convenient, and easy to use.
  • Impure exhausting system equipped, only giving the expecting nitrogen quality.