{ Exhibition Review } 2019 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition

This time, our booth of UAS is located at No. 701, L District.

Compared with the booths of major manufacturers, it is relatively inconspicuous.

Fortunately, the booth is close to the escalator.

The crowds up and down provide us a lot of chance to promote our products

And with the unremitting efforts of our colleagues,

The promotion of our brand can be said very effective

This exhibition not only provides us with the opportunity to introduce our products.

It is also an excellent exercise for company employees.

I got a lot from this exhibition.

The automation exhibition in August 2019 was successfully completed.

This year’s Automation Exhibition was held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall.

The flow of people coming and going in four days can be said to be extremely spectacular.

From the day before the beginning of exhibiton,

the vehicles waiting to enter the venue stretched for several kilometers.

For the first time I participated, it was extremely shocking.

Greatly expanded my knowledge.

This exhibition is mainly based on Taiwanese suppliers.

but there are also many foreigners,

Most of them come from Asian countries,

and the big part of them are professional buyers.

On the left is the machine that UAS displayed at this exhibition,

if you don’t have a chance participating in the exhibition or feel that you don’t know enough,

You can click on the picture to see the details!

On the right is the question that I roughly categorize everyone.
Many of the buyers who have asked for it are already using nitrogen.
In the pursuit of demand,
Hope to maintain the quality of nitrogen
Buyers expect more energy-efficient and cost-reducing options.
And this is what UAS has been studying for nearly two decades.
Therefore, I hope that with our many years of experience in nitrogen systems,
We can give all buyers the best nitrogen planning.

Classification of exhibition problems (summary statistics)

About purity
Machine specification
Machine operation
power consumption
Nitrogen use